What is Email Marketing

what is email marketing

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The beginning of email marketing marked the advent of the modern communication era. Its strategies have been constantly changing over the years, but still, it remains one of the most important ways of marketing. A good email marketing company knows how to outperform the other marketing tools like SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc.

What is Email Marketing?

Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp sent the first unsolicited bulk email in 1978 to as many as 4000 prospects, giving rise to the concept of email marketing. It holds much greater value than sending email messages.
Bulk email marketing services are the best way to inform your loyal as well as potential customers about the company’s latest updates, services, and innovations. B2B email marketing service builds an essence of trust among customers towards the company and is the best way to enhance direct sales and give rise to brand awareness.
As per research, around 40% of B2B marketers prefer email newsletters as a good option for success and about 73% of millennials prefer business communications only via emails. In addition to that, about 99% of consumers check their inboxes on a daily basis, allowing email marketing to be the best way to reach individuals and corporates.

Benefits of email marketing

In a world where social media is thought to be the king, email marketing holds its importance, irrespective of some people’s opinion that it is a dead strategy. It is undoubtedly the best way to manage the growth of your business. We, as an Email Marketing Services Company, assure to fulfill the three basic objectives that include increased conversions, brand awareness, and developing customer loyalty for your business. It gives a direct entry into the customer’s inbox and the software also automates all the manual workflow of group segregation, list preparation, feedback reports, etc. It also gives the advantage of communicating and coordinating with the right people at the right time.
Only an email marketing specialist knows the perfect way to drive
relevant traffic to your website, increasing leads by running cost-effective and
timely campaigns and provide value to your customers.

Email marketing tools

Front – The Front is a customer-centric email marketing solution. Being a good
customer communication hub, it helps in generating revenue through its email marketing service. It has an interface similar to that of an email marketing client, where you can run campaigns targeting defined customers.


Building emails, their processing, testing, and final execution is just a matter of some minutes with DotMailer. Its user-friendly interface makes the automation tool an easy enterprise solution to let SMEs and other large organizations manage their emails efficiently.


MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools. It features access to unlimited emails per month and also provides built-in templates for newsletter design. It is the best tool when it comes to handling email volumes and analyzing post-campaign data. We, as an email marketing firm, consider MailChimp as one of the best tools to manage customer information, leverage data, and create effective marketing campaigns. It also features other major services like spam filter, social sharing, merge tags, etc.


A popular email marketing automation solution that benefits the users of its drag-and-drop facility. It is an apt platform for inbound marketing that also provides a budget calendar, loyalty marketing, and event marketing, as its key features.


EmailGreen is an integrated email marketing and CRM platform that helps boost sales, and improve marketing techniques and operations. It is the best email marketing service, especially for SMEs, to reach their desired customers at the earliest. This tool provides an easy way to manage contacts, optimize social media channels and create & execute email campaigns, hence driving faster results.


iContact is one of the most promising marketing automation tools that help in enhancing lead generation for ease in project completion. Its email marketing software tools such as list management, segmentation, A/B testing, social media management, and analytics facility help in generating funnel reports.


All-round marketing software that provides various services like social media marketing, contact management, email marketing, and marketing automation. ActiveCampaign allows email split testing and sales CRM. With the integration of additional 150 apps, this tool has extended its functionality to sales and service.


Email marketing is not something that should be ignored. It is the secret weapon in your digital marketing arsenal that has the power to give you unexpected returns on investment (ROI) if utilized effectively and efficiently. We at SkyTrust make sure that it is followed through and implemented well with meticulous strategy. Let’s join forces to make it happen.

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