How does video advertising help boost ROI?

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How does video advertising help boost ROI?

As per recent video marketing statistics, 86% of marketing professionals reported that this strategy has increased their brand awareness by around 70% and boosted their sales and reach by 34% and 51%, respectively.

Video marketing isn’t a new concept while advertising for brands. What has changed is its importance on every social platform. In this digital marketing era, video production has become a cost-effective and easy-to-accomplish marketing strategy.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a widely used marketing concept that allows brands to use videos to promote their products or services, increase their visibility and engagement on social media platforms and reach a wider audience. It has gained much traction across businesses of all sizes and types.

As per recent video marketing statistics, 86% of marketing professionals reported that this strategy has increased their brand awareness by around 70% and boosted their sales and reach by 34% and 51%, respectively. According to 2022 reports, an estimated 3.37 billion internet users used video content for sales and marketing. This number is projected to increase to nearly 3.5 billion by 2023. Online video marketing has a 92% worldwide audience reach.

Video marketing strategy

A successful marketing campaign requires effective marketing techniques and strategies. Although there are many, video marketing is one of the leading places to uplift an online campaign. SkyTrust IT Solutions, a leading video marketing agency, has listed the top six strategies for a successful campaign.

  • Define your resources – Every successful video campaign requires a budget to be fixed beforehand. This budget should include video equipment, editing software, a set schedule and a designated video editing and marketing team.
  • Every video tells a story – Build a video script that spreads your message effectively. It should include the message type and style.
  • Audience engagement – Planning audience engagement is a necessary video content marketing strategy. Your video might convey your message effectively, but it still needs a relatable audience to cherish.
  • Keep it short – Nowadays, people have a busy lifestyle and short attention spans. To let your video message reach the masses, keep it short. Although there is no defined video length, a short video is more exciting and catches people’s attention fast.
  • Spread it everywhere – Once the video is finalized, upload it on all social media accounts for a wider reach. YouTube marketing is one of the most popularly used business marketing techniques.
  • Track results – Keep a constant track of the video’s performance and measure its stats and metrics accordingly. Determine its successful factors for effective brand marketing.

How do our YouTube marketing services work?

When it’s about expanding your business reach through video content marketing, we leave no tables unturned. Our team of video marketing professionals at SkyTrust IT Solutions ensures to follow the right sequence and apply their highly creative and strategic approach for the best results.

  • YouTube channel – Our experts analyze the audience effectively and create a YouTube channel to add those entertainment and knowledge factors to marketing. Additionally, we also create a brand account that ensures your holistic online presence on Google.
  • Increase brand reach – YouTube video marketing can be made successful with the right targeting. We make the content engaging and valuable enough to complement your audience’s interests. Worthy content will increase your brand’s reach among users.
  • Video creation – Often called the best video marketing agency, we create high-quality videos with multiple strategies, which include testimonials, informative content, case studies, testimonials, etc. We share them on various channels for brand promotions.
  • Video sharing – Once the video is prepared, we share it on YouTube channel and other social media channels. An effective YouTube marketing strategy is a great way to boost your PPC advertising and increase your subscribers, likes and shares.
  • Track results – We constantly monitor the video’s performance and progress. We keep a keen check on the growing subscribers, increased views, and likes of the video. Our monthly reports will also make it easier for you to track your YouTube channel.

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