How Amazon Marketing Leads to Brand Visibility?

Amazon Marketing

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How Amazon Marketing Leads to Brand Visibility?

According to a recent survey, was first positioned as an e-commerce and shopping platform. The platform offers multiple Amazon PPC campaign solutions like sponsored ads, video ads, headline search ads, product display ads, etc. You can choose the ad type depending on your market conditions, targeted audience, product type, needs, etc.

What is Amazon advertising?

Amazon is one of the leading marketplaces that allow users to purchase almost any kind of product online.  According to a recent survey, was first positioned as an e-commerce and shopping platform. Effectively advertising your products on this e-commerce behemoth can help you get passed over by potential buyers.

Amazon advertising is keyword-based and works similar to Google ads. Here, sellers pay only when a user clicks on any ad, irrespective of whether the product is finally sold or not. Whenever looking for Amazon ads management, running campaigns, creating accounts, considering ad solutions, etc., Amazon’s advertising platform is the perfect place to be. The platform offers multiple Amazon PPC campaign solutions like sponsored ads, video ads, headline search ads, product display ads, etc. You can choose the ad type depending on your market conditions, targeted audience, product type, needs, etc.

What are the benefits of Amazon Advertising?

Amazon advertising services follow the PPC campaign model and come with many benefits.

  • Improved search engine ranking – Advertising your products on Amazon pages leads to better search rankings on your product page, resulting in increased sales.
  • Faster delivery – Fast shipping is what people always look for. Going to stores physically for shopping is an act of reducing delivery time. Shopping on Amazon not only saves people from going to the store physically but also ships products quickly.
  • Product recommendations – The ‘Customers also bought’ category plays an essential role in increasing the product’s sales and conversions. If your product appears there, it gets better exposure and higher chances of sales and ranking. This also helps in increased brand visibility.
  • Saves time spent on marketing – Amazon marketing does not require much effort as everything is done through automated software. From placing ad copies to checking the campaign progress, everything is taken care of by Amazon itself. Hence, providing more time for earning through advertising.
  • Increased visitors’ time spent – Visitors landing through advertisement pages spend more time on the website leading to higher traffic and a high probability of sales.
  • Social media friendly ads – This Amazon advertising strategy allows users to share the ads used for advertising on Amazon on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This indirectly means product promotion through social media channels.
  • Increased sales in less than 24 hours – As you start advertising on Amazon, sales start increasing within 24 hours. This marketing strategy leads to higher returns on investment in much less time.

What are the different types of Amazon ads?

Whenever considering a choice in ad formats, Amazon has a variety to offer. Below is a list of the different types of Amazon ads.

  • Amazon native ads – These types of ads can be placed on the brand’s website itself and include custom ads, recommendation ads, and search ads.
  • Amazon stores – It allows users to promote their brand on their own multi-page Amazon store, which can help brands get an Amazon URL and access to traffic analytics.
  • Sponsored products – Amazon sponsored products are the standard lists that appear on search results and product detail pages. Clicking on the link leads you to the product details page. You can measure the performance of your Amazon sponsored ads using a reporting tool that displays your ads’ clicks, spending, sales, and advertising cost of sales (ACoS).
  • Sponsored brand campaigns – These allow users to promote the keyword-targeted ads alongside search results. Sponsored brand campaigns are based on a pay-per-click and auction-based advertising model. You can direct the customer to your customized product page or the Amazon store. Here, you can feature up to three unique products in your ad and customize your ad image, landing page, and headline.
  • Product display ads – These are pay-per-click ads that allow cross-selling or upselling to their customers. This category is available to all advertisers and not just the ones selling on Amazon. This category can be divided into Amazon display ads, video ads, and custom ads.

Amazon display ads appear on customer review pages, below the search results, on product detail pages, and on top of the offer listing pages. They can also be viewed on recommendation emails, abandoned cart emails, and follow-up emails.

  • Video ads – Amazon video ads can be displayed on Amazon-owned sites like, and IMDb, Amazon devices like Fire TV, etc. You don’t have to sell products on Amazon to buy Amazon Prime video ads.

How to qualify for Amazon marketing services (AMS)?

Amazon offers multiple services to its sellers, like headline search ads (Amazon Sponsored ads), Amazon display ads, and Sponsored products. Not everyone can opt for the features and benefits offered by Amazon marketing services. One needs to have atleast one of the below accounts to be able to opt for it.

  • Seller Central
  • Vendor Central
  • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • Advantage Central

You can also access Amazon’s services if you are an agency representing an Amazon merchant.

How to start online Amazon marketing?

Before explaining the crucial factors involved in Amazon’s marketing strategy, let’s start by looking into what is Amazon marketing called. Amazon marketing is the process of advertising your brand and products on Amazon with the help of ad campaigns, SEO, review monitoring, and question and answers. Every Amazon marketing strategy directs users toward ‘visibility.’ If you are considering Amazon marketing, you should know how much does Amazon marketing cost. Ideally, the Amazon budget should be approximately 10% of your total revenue. Although there are many ways to market on Amazon, SkyTrust has listed out the three best ways below.

  • Amazon SEO – Every Amazon marketing agency ensures to include SEO-friendly keywords in its product descriptions and details to allow them to appear in large numbers in the right quantity.
  • Amazon PPC – Effective Amazon PPC management involves displaying PPC ads on Amazon to advertise. The three types of ads that can be displayed on Amazon are – Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display ads. To know more about these ads, refer to the ‘Amazon ad types’ section above.
  • Amazon review management – Product review management is the best way to ensure the credibility of our brand and product. Paying attention to them is essential.

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