10 best digital marketing companies in Dubai to hire in 2023

top 10 digital marketing companies in dubai

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10 best digital marketing companies in Dubai to hire in 2023

The onset of digitalization has allowed most businesses to shift from traditional marketing concepts to digital. Making relevant budgets for digital marketing gives companies the leverage to engage with their target audience in real-time and helps extract definite and measured outcomes for future strategies. Since the world of marketing is constantly changing, it is preferred to hire the best digital marketing company in Dubai to enhance your online presence and keep up with the pacing trends. Below is a list of Dubai’s 10 best digital marketing companies to hire in 2023

What is Digital Marketing?

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai

It involves promoting brand names, products, services, etc. on numerous online channels using various unconventional technologies. It includes but is not limited to using strategies and tactics that can help you reach your audience via several technological mediums on digital platforms and keep them engaged with your brand and its communication. The main objective of digital marketing for a brand is to simply connect with the potential customers, build and spread brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and eventually accomplish business objectives like enhanced sales and improved reach.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

top advertising agencies in dubai

It includes a certain set of methodologies and diverse techniques that ensure your desired ROI and give your business the boost it needs to grow in the respective field. Here are some techniques:

SEO Strategy: Search Engine Optimization is about optimising the website’s content, analyse its structure, and working on improving other technical elements that help in enhancing the visibility of your brand in the digital world. Altogether it works toward improving your overall ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) that divert the organic (unpaid) traffic to your desired digital destination, i.e. your website. If you search for the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR, the SERPs will show you endless results. It all is the work of some meticulous SEO optimization by these agencies.

Content Marketing: If you aim to attract your audience to your website, directly and indirectly, you need to keep promoting your textual content that contains all the necessary keywords related to your business or brand. It can be a blog, an article, a press release, a media release, a case study, an infographic, etc. Whatever your content strategy is, make sure it is relevant, consistent, and valuable as well as follow all the guidelines of search engines so you can rank better on SERPs.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Because your target audience, which could be any age group, is available on social media platforms, brands are also turning that opportunity into a branding technique by marking their presence on these platforms. They vary from Meta’s Facebook and Instagram to trending Twitter and professional LinkedIn. In order to build your brand awareness, you need to engage your brand with your users as well as promote your products or services. You will find a plethora of social media agencies in Dubai to cater to any and every need of any brand.

Influencer Marketing: There is no lack of people on social media who are generating catchy content for their audience and getting paid by brands to promote their products. They have become the influencers who affect their followers’ perception about many things, be it a social issue or a brand experience. In short, as they have the power to influence their target audience’s purchase decision, they are called influencers. There are social media influencers who have their own niche or industry which can be utilised by a brand to promote the latter’s products or services via sponsored posts, giveaways and contests, product reviews and unboxings, takeovers and guest posts, event coverage, and more.

PPC Strategy: Pay-per-click advertising is the paid ad campaigns on search engines like Google Ads and Bing ads, as well as running paid campaigns on social media platforms. On all these platforms, you as an advertiser have to pay only when a user clicks on your ad. PPC gets you the desired traffic diversion to your website at a cost. Brands with great budget are making the most of these PPC strategies to get them the ROI of their vision and mission.

Email Marketing: Under this digital marketing strategy, a brand usually sends emails to a targeted group of audience with the main intent to promote products and services, and basically to build brand awareness. It all leads to engaging customers and driving conversions to the brand or business. It is the best way for a brand to directly reach its audience and engage with the same without any intermediate. That targeted audience consists of current and/or potential customers and targets them with a diverse range of strategies, or in this case, a diverse set of emailers.

Affiliate Marketing: This type of marketing is done to promote one’s business by collaborating with third-party affiliates or individuals who can help them grow their business. For every lead, sale, and revenue generated through the third-party affiliate, he or she earns a commission. This marketing strategy is a win-win for all as the advertiser achieves his or her anticipated sales along with enhanced visibility while the affiliate earns the desired income by promoting your product or service.

Video Marketing: Video is the type of content that attracts and engages the audience more than any other form of marketing strategy. The visual aspect of a content piece is more enticing than textual content and the audience has evolved to the extent that it prefers treating its senses to a visual treat of a video than of a written piece of information or motivation or entertainment. It can vary from stories to reels to YT shorts, and more. All these could be about creating and sharing content to showcase products or services.

Mobile Marketing: It covers a wide range of activities like promotion via text messages, pop-up ads, etc. It is the easiest mode of one-way communication to reach out to the desired audience on their smart devices. As smartphones and tablets occupy the most time of our usually busy lives, brands and businesses take up this strategy to personally reach out to their targeted audience. It saves brands a lot of energy to reach the end-user by any other mean but it certainly include   thorough planning ad strategy formation that specifically suit their tastes and preferences

These are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai.

McCollins Media An award-winning digital marketing company in Dubai that provides social media management, website development, video development, public relations, and SEO services in GCC. McCollins Media believes in a result-driven approach while curating effective digital vehicles to get your brand noticed at the right place and time. The team combines strategy, customer insight, and technology to solve its clients’ problems and demonstrate measurable outcomes efficiently.

SkyTrust IT Solutions Abiding by its name, the company believes in building trust with its clients and works strategically to make them touch the sky. SkyTrust is famous for its tailored strategies and innovative approach based on the client’s goals. To turn every business from ordinary to extraordinary, the team envisions providing a holistic approach and making its clients globally visible. The company offers an array of services, from SEO, PPC, ORM, and web and app development to business consulting, staffing, cloud computing, and much more.

7G Media Established in 2007, 7G Media is one of the experienced digital marketing agencies in Dubai that offers a range of services propelled by the latest trends and technology. The company believes in providing performance-based digital marketing solutions to its clients to enhance their brand credibility and reach across all social media platforms. 7G Media offers services like social media marketing, digital marketing solutions, web design, content creation, video production, etc.

EDS – Founded in 2006, EDS is a social media marketing and lead generation company that delivers personalized online business solutions worldwide. The team combines commercial thinking with technical brilliance for services like SEO, PPC, website designing, online communications, social media, and content generation. The EDS team believes that a justifiable return on investment and innovation add value to your business through online marketing and advertising.

Digital Nexa Established in 2005, Nexa is an award-winning growth and digital marketing agency that helps businesses achieve online success by providing measurable digital marketing solutions across various sectors. It is also the founder of Digital Transformation Group (DXG), a strategic global alliance of four HubSpot Solutions partners with more than 200 in-house experts. Nexa helps businesses with SEO, web design, SMM, HubSpot CRM and sales, video production and photography, and lead generation campaigns.

Igloo It is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies that use modern tools to analyze user behavior and improve their online presence. From designing, developing, and optimizing websites to increasing sales through efficient digital marketing activities, the Igloo team develops strategic market plans to generate and convert leads and improve the marketing ROI for its clients.

Traffic DigitalIt is the region’s largest independent digital marketing and media agency specializing in effective communication and brand storytelling that unlocks the actual value of marketing for your brand. The Traffic Digital team focuses on delivering creative and digital transformation solutions for brands across all categories. The company provides its clients with the latest marketing, media, and technology innovations to harness the full potential of every campaign. The team categorizes itself as digital veterans with gen-z authenticity, seasoned with a mix of capability and skill.

The Glimpse Project Established in 2016, Glimpse is an award-winning digital marketing agency that supports small, medium, and large businesses by creating omni-channel marketing campaigns, content, digital development, and PR. The company provides services like SEO, strategy, branding, AR, social media, advertising, video production, influencer management, and PPC. Glimpse envisions being the most innovative and creative marketing agency in the MENA region while providing top-notch digital marketing services and support to businesses of all kinds.

Amplify Dubai With over 25 years of marketing expertise and over 10 years in the Middle East, Amplify is one of the most trustworthy digital marketing agencies offering a complete 360 marketing strategy for every business. The company has built its success on creative design, innovation, and integration. With the help of multitouch and interactive displays, augmented reality, and VR, the team can amplify the reach and growth of your brand. Amplify Dubai was also awarded a silver badge as the agency of the year in 2019 by AD World Masters.

Prism Founded in 2006, Prism helps its clients with top-notch digital marketing and branding solutions that add value to their products, services, and offerings. The company focuses on providing thoroughly researched and customer-centric strategies that drive engagement and ROI. Prism is the epitome of the modern integrated marketing agency that provides its clients high-end services like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web services, video production, and other digital marketing services.


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