What is PPC in digital marketing

what is pcc

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Pay per click advertising or PPC is a popular form of marketing on search engines,
 where the advertisers pay a definite fee each time a user clicks on their advertisements. Instead of ‘earning’ the user visits organically, PPC is a method of buying those visits that might eventually turn into conversions.

Most marketers are not completely aware of the concept of paid advertising. Although many businesses actively perform online advertising for their promotion, pay-per-click is still obscured as an important advertising aspect. Many of you might have questions regarding what is pay per click and how it is used. This blog will help you understand the concept of PPC management in detail.

What is PPC in digital marketing?

Pay per click advertising or PPC is a popular form of marketing on search engines,
where the advertisers pay a definite fee each time a user clicks on their advertisements. Instead of ‘earning’ the user visits organically, PPC is a method of buying those visits that might eventually turn into conversions. Return on investment (ROI) gathered through PPC can be profitable if the cost per click (CPC) is low. To maintain a good conversion rate and competitive ROI, one must constantly check the CPC rates.

How does PPC work?

Pay-per-click management services are a popular form of paid marketing among web publishers and social media sites. PPC ads appear as regular posts on the social media news feed, carrying a tag of sponsored’. When any visitor clicks on that ad, they will automatically be redirected to the website, and the advertiser will have to pay a small fee for each click. Paying a fee for pay per click advertising is important, as many times the visit results in more profits than the fee paid for it. Creating well-targeted PPC campaigns requires detailed research, selection, and organization of keywords. Advertisers who can prepare confined and well-strategized PPC campaigns are rewarded with a low fee for ad clicks by the search engines. To have a profitable business, one should know about google ads management services.

What is Google advertising?

Google ads are a popular PPC management system that allows ad platforms to create advertisements that appear on the initial pages of the Google search engine.
 Google Ads service on the PPC model. Here, users bid on the relevant keywords and pay a certain defined amount for each click on their ad. On every search on the same keyword, Google picks several advertisers whose ads will appear on SERP. These ‘winners’ are chosen based on the quality and significance of the keyword, along with the size of their bids. Creating well-targeted PPC campaigns requires detailed research, selection, and organization of keywords. Advertisers who can prepare confined and well-strategized PPC campaigns are rewarded with a low fee for ad clicks by the search engines. To have a profitable business, one should know about google ads management services The success of every Pay per click advertising campaign requires the interference of a top-notch Google ads management company and our team at SkyTrust ensures to deliver the best. Tracking the

performance of your campaign depends on various factors such as –
1- Preparing a relevant PPC keyword list.
2- Creating good quality landing pages with proper optimization, call-to-action content, and customized relating to specific search queries.
3- Maintaining a quality rating of the keyword relevance, landing pages, and pay per click advertising campaigns.
4- Creative and unique ad copies catch more attraction.
 As a leading AdWords agency, we know your business’s value and importance. Our strategies will help you double your ROI. Google Ads offers various types of advertising services depending on the company’s requirements. As per research, some of the commonly used Google ads services are –

Video Ads – YouTube Google Ads and other similar platforms offer a unique way of advertising their brand with the help of videos.
 App Ads – It helps you promote your mobile apps by running the related advertisements across the complete Google network.
Search Ads – It is the most popularly used service type for effective promotion of the local service ads. It targets the searched keywords and displays the highest bidder’s ads on top for successful paid advertising.
Display Ads – These are the text and banner ads that display on all maximum searched pages. It reaches out to every page where your customers are.

Steps to get started with Google Advertising?

Before starting the Google Ads management protocol, some things should be kept in mind for expertise in getting higher returns for every money spent. Below are the steps to be followed for effective advertising. Create a new Google ads account. Select a defined daily budget for your ads expenditure. This budget can be changed anytime. Select your target audience location and be cautious of wasting your money on clicks that won’t result in any returns. After this, create a customized audience based on the interests, competitive URLs, etc. through the custom affinity or custom intent tab to increase your audience reach. Create a remarketing list to send marketing messages to customers who didn’t convert into valuable leads in the first go. Select the appropriate network you want to advertise on.
 Be updated with the latest marketing trends and thoroughly research your competitor’s activities.
 Pick a single keyword that you want to target. Write your required ad which should include the targeted keyword, benefits, and call to action text for a higher reach.

Use ad extensions to have an improved click-through rate (CTR). There are multiple extensions to choose from. Some of the popular ones are message extension, location extension, site link extension, and affiliate location extensions. Lastly, schedule your Google ads based on day and time and set up specific landing pages for every campaign you run. Only a good Google ads management agency knows the best ways to turn your investments into profitable returns, and we are one of them.

Best pay per click advertising platforms

Now that you are well-versed with the basic PPC concepts, the next big thing is to understand the best platforms to advertise them. Although there are ample platforms to advertise your brand, choosing the popular and highly trafficked ones has the potential to make effective investment returns. Below are some of the best platforms for the same.
Google Ads – It is the most popularly used advertising platform. Google ads management tool processes more than 90,000 search queries every second allowing advertisers to target keywords that can help them grab their intended audience. The ad spent is highest on this platform.

Facebook Ads – A popular platform for paid advertising, Facebook ads target users based on demographics, behavior, interests, and location. These ads are popularly used in the form of CPM and also allow to advertise on Instagram as well.

Bing Ads – Although similar to Google Ads, Bing ads have a lower CPC rate at the expense of a wider audience reach.

RevContent – It promotes content through PPC and here the ads are displayed on external sites adjacent to your selected keywords. RevContent
benefits users with low CPC and a highly engaged audience.

AdRoll – A popular retargeting platform that promotes online advertising to those users who have already visited your website. It helps you reach out to different websites by displaying their ads. AdRoll is better compared to google Ads as they display ads on Google and social media sites as well,
 giving more opportunities for valuable clicks and impressions.

Benefits of proper PPC management

Cost-effective – PPC ad campaigns help you have complete control over the money you spend, every time a person clicks on your ad. With high chances of conversion, you can get your money’s worth with PPC.

Result-oriented – When we talk about faster results, paid advertising is the most preferred option. It allows users to reach to the top of SERP within hours of starting a campaign by optimizing PPC ads.

Ads can be controlled – PPC gives a free hand to advertisers to control their targeted keywords, budget, and ad placements. The A/B split tests also help in identifying the highest ROI-producing ads.

Target right customers – PPC ads help to target or retarget the right customers by bidding on relevant solution-oriented keywords, hence resulting in a high conversion rate.

Algorithm changes don’t affect paid advertising – Pay per click advertising is not much affected by any Google algorithm changes. With PPC, you just have to focus on campaign results.

Low domain ratings don’t matter – Even if you have low domain authority, PPC helps you rank among the top searches on SERP. With PPC, you can easily rank well with competitive keywords.

PPC and SEO should be complementary – Paid advertising services should replace your SEO strategies to generate higher profits.


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